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merovigli is arguably one of the most picturesque villages in Santorini. The houses boast the world-renowned Cycladic architecture with curvy lines and whitewashed hues. The cobbled narrow streets brim with tranquility as many flowers adorn the paved lanes. The position of the village makes for a perch of unobstructed views to the ever-sparkling sea. That’s the reason why the villagers often called it “the balcony.” From there they used to see the upcoming pirate invasions and protect their possessions. It is situated just next to the capital Fira and is considered its natural continuation. 

Watching from there the sunset is bliss. Orange and pink hues merge as the sun dives in the blue waters. Visitors can also find a broad range of restaurants to try a selection of locally sourced seafood. Elegant cafes offer reposing moments overlooking the mesmerizing sunset.

In from of Imerovigli you can still admire the huge rock called Scaros. From the 13th century until the early 1800s the rock used to host a castle on its top. Inside the castle, there have been the island's administrative offices but after a disastrous earthquake, only the Scaros hill is left today.

Imerovigli is also known for its remarkable churches found aplenty on the island as well. Santorini is a manifold destination, but visiting Imerovigli will be your most rewarding experience of your trip there
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